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"I started working with Kendra about 6 months after rotator cuff surgery. I had frozen shoulder after the surgery and needed a cortisone injection because of it. When I started working with Kendra I could barely put weight on my right arm and my mobility was very limited. Kendra started me off slowly with bodyweight movements and a lot of stretching. In 8 short months I am now able to lift weights, run, hold planks and do just about everything. My arm has achieved full mobility 100%!! Since working with her I feel confident to start group fitness again. It's hard to believe I have the ability to do the classes and keep up with the rest of the group. Kendra is absolutely incredible, she is patient to hear how you feel and understands exactly what your body needs. I have had many, many trainers up until now but I do have to say she is one of the best! Thank you so much, Kendra!!"

-Asma S. 

"Looking for the ideal trainer? You've found her: Kendra is smart, knowledgeable and keeps an eagle eye on your form as you workout. She's attentive to your ability level and will create a program to push you to better fitness. Positive encouragement always." 

-Alice C.

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